3.20.18: Spring Cleaning your Diet on ABC

Spring is here! We're turning our focus to spring cleaning our houses, but what about our bodies? I lay down some simple guidelines for what to toss and what to keep so you stay healthy all year long. 


2.21.18: Eating for Energy on abc

Want to know how to eat for energy...without caffeine? I've got you covered! I stopped by WXYZ to show you what to eat for increased energy all day long. 


1.21.18: Small talk with Mark S. Lee

I stopped by to chat with Mark about my upcoming Resolution Wellness Cleanse and gave some on the spot health coaching!


1.6.18: Appearance on Fox 2 featuring Sweet Potato Salad and Chocolate Cherry Smoothie

I popped into Fox 2 to chat about starting the new year out the healthy way! We talked about my upcoming Resolution Wellness Cleanse, and I made the ever delicious Southwestern Sweet Potato Salad and Chocolate Cherry Smoothie.


1.5.18: Feeding the body on The Z Hailey Show Podcast

Hailey is an Idea Goddess with a heart of gold and the vocabulary of a sailor. She's a comedian, a yoga teacher, and a gossip aficionado. I was so excited to have the opportunity to hang out with her for her podcast! We talk about big stuff: love and anger, health and happiness, and how to best feed the body.  She's one of my favorite people in metro-detroit, so be sure to give the pod a listen!


12.21.17: Healthy Soups that fight the flu on ABC

I want to keep you healthy and happy all year long with my famous Sweet Potato Detox Soup! I'm popped into ABC 7 to make soup and talk about how to fight the flu with totally delicious food. Check it out!


11.30.17: Gingered Pear tart & Heavenly Chocolate Truffles at the Oakland Press

The Oakland Press featured two of my favorite healthier holiday desserts: Gingered Pear Tarts and Heavenly chocolate truffles. Get the recipes below. 


11.21.17: Michigan Entreprenuer TV

I sat down with Tara Katchaturoff on Michigan Entrepreneur TV to talk about  being a lighthouse, starting a small business straight out of college, and the benefits of chewing your food. We covered a lot of ground in this 30 minute interview that just flew right by. 


11.20.17: Decadent Vegan Truffles on FOX 2

Want the inside scoop on how I make my heavenly vegan truffles that are totally vegan, and totally amazing? Watch the video below!


11.5.17: Small talk with mark s. lee

My first radio interview! I hopped over to CBS Radio Detroit studios to chat with the always lovely Mark S. Lee about health coaching, using technology as a small business owner, and how I got started in the wellness world! My interview starts around the 15 minute mark.