Moving Forward.


Hi everyone!

It's been nine months months since I've gone dark. In that time I’ve done a lot of healing and growing and finding. I’ve done a lot of living on that self-discovery/self-creation axis. I've been cooking again, eating cheese again, and writing again. I'm learning to be a plant mom. I'm starting to macrame. I'm getting better at turning off the lights when I leave the room.

I refinished an antique wood door. I peeled off ll the paint layer by layer and imagined all the entrances and exits, and beginnings and endings, that have waltzed or whimpered through that door. I painted it turquoise. It's a great color.

I’ve traveled. I watched the sun set over an island off the coast of Costa Rica. I walked on a beached sprinkled with hermit crabs while monkeys watched from above. I learned a new word while dancing in an art gallery: cielo.

I went dog sledding with some of my favorite people. I fell in love with Up North. I spent the night in a hotel all by myself for the first time, ever. I road tripped south, and then came north again. I learned that sometimes turtles need help crossing the road.

I flew to Key West and floated in a pool all our own. I took sides in the battle between east coast and west coast oysters.

Both of my sisters got married, in totally gorgeous ceremonies.  My family expanded by two brothers, two nieces, and a nephew. My heart has swelled. So has my wardrobe. There are many more sequins in my life than there were nine month ago. I learned the value of a good seamstress, a good cry, a good massage, and a good twirl.

More than anything else though, I’ve learned that the process of going home might mean traveling to a place you’ve never been before.

And really, with that, I want to tell you I’ve missed you all. I miss working towards ten thousand women. I miss the mission. I miss being of service. I miss helping people create healthy relationships with food and self and others. I miss health coaching.

So, I’m becoming a health coach again.

I have a new website, new outlook, new ideas, and new recipes to share with you. It’s not “coming back”.

It’s moving forward, and I hope you will join me.

with love and fortitude,