To The Mountains


Yesterday, I was lucky enough to see the sunrise. 

I was up early to drive my boyfriend to the airport. He was flying off to climb a mountain. A big one. The biggest one in the continental United States. 

Driving back, the sun was rising right in front of me. I was driving straight into the day, and I couldn't help but think about all the mountains we climb in our lives. 

All the ascensions we make. 

Sometimes, for some of us, these mountains are real. With dizzying elevations and snow-capped peaks. 

But I think for most of us, the mountains we climb are a little different. They are shaped like love. Like the struggle to forgive. They are shaped like bad health, bills, judgement, self-hate, and emotional eating.

The paths we take as we stride and scramble up these mountains is the path out of pain. 

Sometimes, we don't even realize we've climbed them until we are at the top, we look back, and we think, "Holy shit. I did that. I climbed that. I lived that."

Every day that we wake up and decide to keep going, we ascend a little more. 

Here's the thing about all the mountains out there: they are climbed the same way. It's always one foot in front of the other, one breath at a time, another choice to keep going. 

It's always an act of love for ourselves; it's always an act of faith in our lives.

So, darling, go to your mountains. Climb them. 

If your mountain is made of grief, climb. 
If your mountain is made of judgement, climb.
If your mountain is made of self-hate, climb.
If your mountain is made of bills, climb.
If your mountain is made of heartbreak, climb.
If your mountain is made of fading health, climb.
If your mountain is made of weight, climb.
If your mountain is made of rocks, climb.

You, my love, will make it to the top. 

You will see the sun rise from the highest place you have ever been, and it will be beautiful.

You will make it. Step by step. Breath by breath. Choice by choice.

Go. Climb. 

with love and hiking boots,

originally posted aug. 8, 2016