I wish I could cook for you


I wish I could cook for you. I would infuse every bite with the gratitude I have for you right now, as you take the time to read these words. I would fill your body with love, and grace, and reassurance. 

Because as much as I love words, sometimes they fail me. When that happens, I cook. I cook with emotion, I cook with intuition, and I cook with soul.  

It all started exactly 3 years ago. My stepfather had just died, suddenly and tragically, and I was yanked from one life and placed into another that was entirely new.

After moving back to Grosse Pointe to be with my mom and siblings, the first few months were tenuous at best, excruciating at worst.

At the time, I had very few words. I had no idea what to say to my younger sister or brothers. I was even more confused when it came to my mom.

I knew I wanted to be comforting and comforted; I desired to be grounding and grounded; I desperately needed to be soothing and soothed. Yet I felt adrift within this new family unit patched together by trauma. And so I cooked. 

I made soups and stews. I roasted chickens and massaged kale. I perfected apple cake, roasted asparagus, and I tapped into the emotional side of sustenance. 

I began to understand that what we ate dramatically influenced how we felt. 

I began to heal myself through chocolate truffle torte, Paco de Lucia, and the biggest, most beautiful salads I could create. I cooked without shortcuts or processed foods. With every meal I made, I took the scenic route. I slowed down. I enjoyed the journey. 

I fed my families bodies and I gave us an excuse to gather in the same room at the same time, even if we weren’t quite sure what to say. I like to think that just a little bit, I fed their souls too. 

Now, three years later, you can’t find a moment of silence when we gather. The room fills up with laughter and stories and worries and excitement and love, love, love. We brim with it. 

I want to share the power of nourishment with you. Really, that’s the whole reason I became a health coach.

I want to help you cook with soul. 

with love, always,