Into the Storm

Sometimes you have to drive straight into the storm. 

We have to batten down the hatches, bolster ourselves, and prepare for big change, because our Point B—the place we want to go—is on the other side. There simply isn’t another option. This love letter is about those storms. 

You see, my love, you and I know a thing or two about storms. Having spent spent large swaths of my life working through depression and anxiety, I’ve conjured up quite a few storms for myself, and sailed unwittingly into many more. I know you’ve dealt with your fair share of storms too: death, divorce, accidents, job changes, major pivots, life transformation, and ill health. There are as many storms as there are colors, and we’ve sailed through them with varying degrees of grace. 

Now what I’ve learned this past year, is that we can learn to love the storms.The give us the chance to drive slow, focus on the details, and listen to ourselves breathe.

Of course the storms, inevitably, bring waves. Waves of fear, judgement, jealousy, and water. And when a wave comes, all you need to do is plug your nose, close your eyes, and go deep. Allow the waves to shake your body, to shake your beliefs, and to shake you awake. 

I urge you: use the storms to become aware of all the places complacency has seeped into you life. Become aware of all the places you have stopped pushing toward a greater good, a bigger happy, and a bolder life.

Be unafraid of the epicenter, because when you go there, you grow. 

So if you’re heading straight into a storm right now, I want you to know that it’s going to be okay. Yes, storms can get a little scary: waters rise, winds howl, and lightning has a special way of shocking us into humility. But that’s okay, because all storms pass, and clear skies have never looked as good until after a storm. 

And it’s really important that in the stormiest of times, you have your own back. Drive slow, take care of yourself, speak kindly to yourself, do things that you love, be with people that make you happy, cuddle with your cat, and avoid the news. Soothe yourself every single way you know how. Daily. 

And darling, if you are in a storm right now, know that your mind is stronger and more powerful than your body is, and you are going to be alright. In fact, on the other side you are going to be stronger. You are going to be more brilliant.

You are going to shine. 

with love,