This one is for the ladies...


I want to tell what I have learned about brokenness. 
For the past month I’ve been working with a gutsy group of women as they dig down to the root of their struggles with food and weight.

It has been, without a doubt, some of the most challenging work I have ever done.

Recreate was born out of love. And while it has required intense creation and countless hours, it has also called upon every single skill I possess & tapped into every facet of my being. 

It has been miraculous. And I’ve learned a lot. 

More than anything else though, I have learned this: you are not broken. 

So, please darling, stop acting like it. 

I don’t yet know why so many women believe they need to be somehow damaged or broken in order to be lovable and loved, but I do know that’s bullshit.

This false belief shows up in the tendency towards drama and the pull towards self-sabotage. It shows up in cattiness and comparison. And it sucks. 

So just in case no one has ever told you this before, let me tell you the truth: you are infinite. You are love.

Every corner of your heart, your desires, your dreams—even the dark and scary corners—are worthy of kindness, respect, and grace.

You deserve to be here. You have a place at this table.

You are on the invite list for this life, babycakes. So show up. 

Stop being mean to yourself. Stop stopping yourself from living. 

Life is looking for you. So, show up. Even if it’s only for five minutes today, even if that's all you can bear, just show up.

Make noise. Clap your hands. Jump. Put your phone down. Touch silk. Feel the wind. Do something. Dance in public. Do karaoke. Write the email. Make the call. Say the thing. Wear the dress. Create the art. Kiss the person.

You are not broken. You are not gross. You are not unworthy. 

You are the opposite. 

You are perfect. You are beautiful. You are worthy. 

When you keep yourself small, broken, and dull, you hide yourself from the life that is looking for you. So stop camouflaging your heart. 

Let your freak flag fly.

Say "I love you” when you mean it, even if that's on the third date (it worked for me).

Just. Be. You.

Show up, babycakes.

Your life is waiting for you.